Inside Teenage Brain: Explaining Risky Behavior

    Florida State University College of Medicine Neuroscientist Pradeep Bhide brought together some of the world’s foremost researchers in a quest to explain why teenagers — boys, in particular — often More »

Death of the computer mouse? Meet the 3DTouch

  When we use a computer mouse, we’re limited to two-dimensional movements. But what if we had the ability to interact with our computers in a three-dimensional fashion? Anh Nguyen and Amy More »

Insect Diversity Is Abundant in GM Maize Fields

The study is described in an article called “Comparative Diversity of Arthropods on Bt Maize and Non-Bt Maize in two Different Cropping Systems in South Africa,” which appears in the February 2014 More »

Why Do Migrating Birds Fly in V-Formation?

The research, led by the Royal Veterinary College, University of London, proves for the first time that birds precisely time when they flap their wings and position themselves in aerodynamic optimal positions, More »

62 Indians shortlisted for one-way Mars trip in 2024

Over 1,000 aspirants, including 62 from India, have been shortlisted for an ambitious private mission to send four men and women on a one-way trip to Mars in 2024 to establish a More »


E-library opened at Neemka Jail in Haryana

Chandigarh, May 9 (PTI) An e-library was inaugurated today at Neemka Jail in Faridabad.

The e-library was inaugurated today by the Haryana Director General of Prisons Yashpal Singhal. It has been set up by India Vision Foundation (IVF) and G-Fore Group at the jail in Faridabad, a release said here.internet-library

Chandigarh: With hard copies and e-books, libraries opt for hybrid avatar

TO KEEP themselves updated and compete with the ever-increasing dependence on ebooks, libraries in the city are shifting towards digitisation.

The State Divisional Library, Sector 34; T S Central State Library, Sector 17; and the British Council Library are transforming themselves into hybrid libraries, which are on the continuum between the conventional and digital libraries, where electronic and paper-based information sources are used alongside each other.

Digital Solutions in India 2016: A Multitude of Outstanding Projects

What went into the initial stages of planning and executing a digital publishing project? Which area posed the biggest challenge? What happened after the project was near completion? Here, 18 digital-solutions providers talk about their unique projects and give a broad idea on the type of services that they offer to book and journal publishers.